Computer Vision

[ICIP 2021] Face Models: How Good Does My Data Need To Be?

We have quantified and analyzed the base-line reconstruction accuracy of a face model as a function of source data type commonly used in the domain.

Automated rip current detection with region based convolutional neural networks

This paper presents a machine learning approach for the automatic identification of rip currents with breaking waves.

How might we leverage AI to understand, identify and mitigate newsroom biases?

Speaker at Journalism AI Festival 2020. We have developed a system to identify female representation in news article images in an International journalism team.

From Lifeguards to AI: Advancing Rip Current Forecasting Through New Detection Methods

Observing rip currents can be extremely challenging. The energetic and constantly changing surf zone coupled with a lack of infrastructure, complicates relying on traditional in situ observations in most circumstances. These challenges have resulted …